How To Install And Upgrade Your Ps3 Hard Drive -

oyen digital 1tb 7200rpm hard drive upgrade kit - increase the performance and capacity of your ps4 with the oyen digital 1tb 7200 rpm hard drive upgrade kit simple diy instructions explain the process of upgrading your ps4, amazon com ps3 500gb hard drive video games - this drive has been a much needed upgrade for our ps3 it was easy to install and we ve had no problems so far only thing i would say is to make sure you have a good backup drive on hand because you have to save your memory on that before switching it to the new drive, ps4 hard drive upgrade which ones to buy how to install - the top 5 hard drives for ps4 moving right along it s time to find out which hard drives over going to give you more than just space these drives are bigger better faster and stronger, ps4 hard drive upgrade h ard forum - however having said that the difference between the ps3 and ps4 is that ps3 installs were not frequent they were uncommon ps4 installs are mandatory which means if you have a 30gb game constantly hitting up the slow as shit 500gb drive then you might actually see a sizable difference between a pure ssd and the stock drive, how to move your data and programs to a new hard drive - to find out the specifics on what kind of drive you should buy do a web search for your current drive manufacturer and model to get the size thickness and interface e g 2 5 inch 12 5mm thick sata drive, jailbreak ps3 3 55 download install custom packages how to - how to install custom packages jailbreaking is all about installing 3rd party software that are officially not allowed ps3 jailbreak too does the same it lets you install custom packages, ps3 hacking the ps3 psx place - a dualboot firmware is essentially an ofw with one small change once you install it you can return to a cfw unlike a unmodified ofw this will act and behave the same way as an ofw the idea is to reduce the ban risk to near zero when playing your disc games online